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Refrigerator Repair in Northridge California, we repair all major brands 
LG refrigerator GE Maytag Whirlpool Amana Maytag Kenmore
we repair all major brands Sub Zero refrigerator Repair | Thermador | Viking Refrigerator Repair Experts of Northridge, California; The most comment problem with refrigerator you could have when your compressor overheated because of dirty condenser coils, condenser service required once a year at least to ovoid your compressor to stop working, Freon Adjustment required : the most comment problem you could have with GE Refrigerator it's main computer board or Inverter Board, Samsung Refrigerators known for defrost problem Defrost sensors or Defrost heaters call professionals 818-298-8165
Washer and Dryer Repair and Service\ we repair all major brands LG washer and Dryer Repair the most comment problem you might have with your LG dryer it's when your dryer makes a loud noise when it spins or it's not heating up , the problem can occur with the time ! try not to overload your washer or dryer, Maintenance required once in the while dryer has to be taken apart and Vacuum the lint and motor lubrication and Roller lubrication! keep in mind those tip to clean your washer when your washing machine does not drain make sure to check your drain pump try to clean filter if accessible in the left corner square! Northridge Residents can always rely on One Way Appliance Repair LLC because we dedicated to be on time and within your budget! same day service, service call is only $20 , free service call with authorized repair 818-298-8165
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