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818-298-8165 LG dryer repair specialist experts we service Woodland Hills, California. We dedicated to be on time and within your budget quality same day appliance repair and service! Service call is only $20 free service call with authorized repair. When LG Dryer does not heat there could be couple of the thinks the first think needs to be done the dryer has to be taken a apart and Vacuum all the dust that build up make sure dryer is unplugged from electrical source! We only charge $120 to do that lubricate your motor rollers and adjust dryer legs to make sure no noise coming out of your dryer ! We are LG dryer repair specialist of Woodland Hills California we are  your local appliance repair source we repair all brands!

When your favorite LG Dryer stops working no need to worry because One Way Appliance repair technicians dedicated to be on time and within your budget! Quality same day LG Dryer repair and Service / Mention this website and  Service call is only $20 to diagnose the problem, free service call with authorized repair. LG Dryer Tromm we are your local appliance repair technicians in Woodland Hills california, local appliance repair technicians . we only always on time ( 3 hr window appointment)  and within your budget $20 to diagnose we will give you written estimate before we do any repairs, we also provide 1 month warranty on Labor and 1Year Warranty on Parts ; call us today and save money, we have a reasonable prices family owned and operated appliance repair company since 2008 LG Dryer Repair Woodland Hills

LG Dryer Repair Woodland Hills

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